Bollman Hat Company Joins the Coalition Family

Bollman Hat Company Joins the Coalition Family

Coalition is thrilled to tip our hat to one of our newest clients, Bollman Hat Company. This company has been an American institution since 1868, and we’re honored to help the brand continue its legacy for centuries to come.

The Bollman Hat Company Legacy

Bollman Hat Company got its start in 1868. Today, the company continues to design and manufacture its own hats while also distributing men’s, women’s and children’s headwear and accessories from top brands. Today, the company has design offices and showrooms all across the globe, as well as a manufacturing factory in Adamstown, Pennsylvania.

Bollman hats can be found in brick-and-mortar, catalog, and online retailers worldwide. The company also supplies private label headwear to many top brands. Bollman hats run the gamut from formal attire to athletic caps to fashion accessories, giving customers of all walks of life the chance to own a genuine Bollman hat.

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