Coalition and Lou Lou Boutiques Chic Style Meets SEO

Coalition and Lou Lou Boutiques | Chic Style Meets SEO

We’re very excited to announce a brand-new partnership with Lou Lou Boutiques! Lou Lou Boutiques is a women’s accessories outlet that sells a wide array of clothes and accouterments. From earrings to backpacks and scarves to sunglasses, Lou Lou has a cute and stylish something for everyone. Coalition Technologies is thrilled to be able to help Lou Lou Boutiques reach the absolute peak of their potential.

About Lou Lou Boutiques

Lou Lou Boutiques was founded by the husband-and-wife team of Tara and Ben Wegdam in 2004, and they’ve retained the high quality and individual appeal of a small family business even as they’ve expanded their presence in the market by leaps and bounds. They have a robust online store and have opened locations across the East Coast, from Connecticut to Georgia.

It’s no wonder they’ve found such success, offering unique and stylish goods at prices more affordable than those of many retail outlets. Lou Lou Boutiques has the reach of a franchise combined with the intimacy and service of a mom-and-pop store, and that combination has won them a dedicated following that believes in their brand. We’re excited to help them grow it even further.

Working With Lou Lou Boutiques

Like many of our clients, Lou Lou Boutiques approached us with a desire for increased traffic and conversions. To meet these goals, we’ve implemented an SEO and marketing strategy that not only improves their search engine visibility but also reinforces their brand experience. By making visual and structural improvements to their site and leveraging multiple marketing channels, we’re helping them to reach a new audience and get shoppers excited about their stylish products.

Join the Coalition Technologies Family

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