Coalition and Michelson Found Animals Top-Notch SEO for an Inspiring Nonprofit

Coalition and Michelson Found Animals: Top-Notch SEO for an Inspiring Nonprofit

The team at Coalition Technologies is delighted to work with Michelson Found Animals, a nonprofit pet adoption foundation that puts pets in loving homes. It’s free to register, use their microchip registry, access other pet resources, and gain tools and tips that help keep pets and their owners together. What’s more, Michelson Found Animals has a pet supply store for all your pet needs and much more.

How One Foundation Saves Many Lives

The loss of life during Hurricane Katrina deeply affected Dr. Michelson. People and animals suffered due to a senseless tragedy. Dr. Michelson resolved to help members of our communities that cannot speak up for themselves. As a result, he founded Michelson Found Animals with the belief that every pet should have access to a loving home.

Dr. Michelson first donated microchips to shelters across Los Angeles, California. However, he discovered that chip numbers registered in a database needed to correspond to every pet owner’s phone number. With that information in hand, he launched a free microchip registry in 2011. Since then, Michelson Found Animals continues to help animals in need every day.

How Coalition Is Helping

In order to make a difference, Michelson Found Animals needs to be seen. With that in mind, they came to us with a goal to double their traffic to the Found Animals website and the Adopt & Shop website. We implemented a series of targeted campaigns to increase their visibility, traffic, newsletter sign-ups, and user engagement.

With an emphasis on web development, keyword optimization, content creation, PPC, and targeted link building, we are working to expand their reach and help them in their mission to make a difference in the lives of pets and pet lovers everywhere. We’re excited to be working with such a worthwhile organization.

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