Coalition Joins Forces With Up-and-Coming Vape Company

Coalition Joins Forces With Up-and-Coming Vape Company

Introducing Vapeur Terp, a company with the goal of providing vape users the best experience possible with their apparel, offering an unprecedented level of customization. The vape market is becoming bigger by the day, and we’re thrilled to be able to help Vapeur Terp climb to its pinnacle!


At just three years old, Vapeur Terp is a brand that already has a strong following and a unique mission. They provide you with the materials you need to create vape juice made to your own taste in just a few easy steps. They also provide a wide variety of glassware, vaporizers and other accessories.

Vapeur Terp provides a service that is unique in their industry, and their dedication to customer service combined with the scientific knowledge of their craft positions them in an opportunity to be power players in a growing field. We’re excited to be able to thrive and grow right along with them.


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