Coalition Joins the South Parade

Coalition Joins the South Parade

Coalition Technologies recently joined forces with South Parade, a clothing brand that sells stylish feminine apparel and shoes. South Parade focuses on selling clothes that are cool and comfortable while also looking stylish and on trend. Naturally, we were delighted to work with this chic brand, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

More About South Parade

South Parade was started by Tania San Miguel and Lorenzo Stefanini, two designers with a shared passion for world travel. The duo used their previous experience working for household names like Burberry, Ferragamo, Pucci, and Tom Ford to inspire their designs while also keeping their gaze relentlessly focused on building their own unique future.

From fun, witty graphic tees to luxurious cashmere sweaters, South Parade covers all the bases. Even the basics have that special touch that make the brand so special. Combining elements of high-fashion with a general sense of comfort and confidence, it’s no wonder so many fashion enthusiasts are proud to fill their wardrobe with South Parade pieces.

Contact Us for a Quote

We’re beyond excited to help South Parade expand their business, and we can do the same for your company. Our experienced team caters its approach to each individual client, giving you a level of personal service you won’t find anywhere else. We have the skills and resources of the larger SEO firms, but we give you the one-on-one customer service you deserve.

Ready to get started? We encourage you to give us a call at  (310) 907-5497 to speak with someone now, or feel free to message us online and we’ll get back to you via email fast. Partner with Coalition Technologies, and watch your bottom line grow.

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