Coalition Joins With Haircare Brand Lumibloom

Coalition Joins With Haircare Brand Lumibloom

Coalition Technologies is proud to announce that we’re launching a new venture with hair and lifestyle brand Lumibloom! This up-and-coming company uses only the most authentic sources and offers impeccable customer service, and we’re excited to raise their company to a new level of visibility.


Lumibloom runs on the simple philosophy that every woman should have access to stupendous hair products that don’t cut corners and puts the customer’s idea of beauty ahead of everything else. Founders MacKenzie Hill and Greg Nixon source their hair directly from the Indian temples where it is gathered, making sure that only the prime cuts (pun intended) make it to their storefront.

Lumibloom has a robust product line, and a trio of qualified ambassadors including Olympic gold medalist Natasha Hastings. Above all else, they have a strong message that espouses positivity and comfort in one’s own skin. This is a brand that’s poised to go very far and will be able to make incredible strides in their market niche.


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