Coalition Teams Up With Veteran Car Supplier

Coalition Teams Up With Veteran Car Supplier

We’re revving our engines to start on a brand new campaign with Lift Supports Depot! With almost half a century in the auto parts business, founder Lou Fishman is beginning a new venture in the realm of lift supports and gas struts. We can’t wait to show the world what makes them such a special retailer.


Lift supports and gas struts make for important pieces of any car, but frequently it can be difficult to find just what you need (and expensive to boot). Lift Supports Depot changes all that with their expansive inventory, knowledge gained from decades of experience in the auto industry and sterling commitment to customer service.

This is a strong and vital yet underserved area of the car market and Lift Supports Depot has the drive and know-how to conquer it.


If you’ve been thinking about bringing your brand to the next level, Coalition Technologies can help get you there. We have a diverse portfolio and a glowing track record of successful SEO strategies.

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