Coalition Teams With Findley & Rogers for Marketing & SEO

Coalition Teams With Findley & Rogers for Marketing & SEO

We’re pleased to announce our new partnership with Findley & Rogers, Attorneys at Law. Practicing out of Washington state, Findley & Rogers is a law firm that focuses on defending the constitutional rights of men and women who’ve paid their debt to society. Coalition Technologies is working with them to expand their online presence and reinforce their brand.

An Overview of Findley & Rogers

Findley & Rogers was founded in 2010 with the mission of helping people with past convictions reintegrate and find success in their new lives. Their areas of expertise include expunging juvenile records, helping to clear convictions that may make it difficult to apply for employment or housing, and restoring and protecting firearm rights.

Both attorneys are experienced criminal defenders who offer affordable flat rates and flexible schedules for those seeking their services. Everyone deserves a second chance, and Findley & Rogers make sure that those looking for a new start get all the help they deserve.

Our Work With Findley & Rogers

Our work with Findley & Rogers spans both marketing and web development. In addition to completing a full website migration, we have been working to improve their backlink profile and increase the number of qualified leads and conversions that come through their site. This is an ongoing campaign, but we’ve already made excellent progress in a short amount of time.

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