Coalition Technologies Joins Forces with Jenny Boston

Coalition Technologies Joins Forces with Jenny Boston

The Coalition crew recently started working alongside Jenny Boston, a brick-and-mortar women’s fashion brand based out of Massachusetts. Jenny Boston sells stylish apparel, jewelry, handbags, and accessories at a price point that’s quite competitive compared to similar boutiques. If you ever find yourself in the Massachusetts area, we highly recommend stopping by!

More About Jenny Boston

Jenny Boston is an established brand that has been around since 2004. The company has continued to grow and evolve over the years, and now Jenny Boston has taken over Massachusetts with five stores in Burlington, Westborough, Hingham, Newton, and Shrewsbury. When the company first started, they focused on affordable products, and now today they also offer high-end clothing without the high-end price.

Beyond just selling chic clothing and accessories, Jenny Boston has a thriving Facebook group where fashion experts show their followers how to put together unique outfits that they might not have imagined on their own. Jenny Boston’s passion for fashion shines through in everything they do, so of course we were thrilled to work with this wonderful company.

Help Your Company Grow

Jenny Boston may be a brick-and-mortar business primarily, but they realized how important the online side is too. We’re currently using our world-class SEO skills to drive traffic to the website and boost conversions. Our team can do the same for you. If you’re ready to take a giant leap forward, we can assist you every step of the way.

We’ll be happy to offer a free quote and consultation so you can learn exactly how we can help your business expand. Call us now at 310-928-6472 to speak with one of our helpful experts, or feel free to send us a message with any questions or requests. Join forces with Coalition Technologies now, and watch your business grow.

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