Coalition Technologies Joins Silver Solution USA

Coalition Technologies Joins Silver Solution USA

Coalition Technologies is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Silver Solution USA, a company that, true to their name, utilizes the power of silver supplements to improve the lives of customers all over the country. We’re ready to mine their branding potential to its fullest, and we can’t wait to show you why.


Silver is a beautiful metal, but perhaps more significantly it can also be an important, vitalizing mineral in a person’s daily intake. Silver Solution USA has made it their mission to get the most out of the underrecognized health benefits of silver by providing consumers a diverse range of supplements that maximize its holistic potential. They’ve invented a compound called Nano Structured Silver that allows the mineral to move through the body in an efficient and effective way without leaving any harmful deposits along the way. They don’t just provide supplements and sprays, either; Silver Solution USA utilizes their formulas in everything from probiotics to toothpaste, and markets literature on the benefits of silver as well.

Silver Solution USA is in a unique position for effective branding in that they have comprehensive coverage of a particular niche market. Once a potential client is made aware of and experiences the benefits of silver for themselves, there’s little reason for them to stray to a secondary provider, as Silver Solution’s huge array of products will likely have their bases covered. Plus, they offer affordable weekly deals and even a “starter kit” as accessible hooks for new customers. Coalition believes Silver Solution USA has a huge amount of room in which to flourish, and we couldn’t be happier to join them in reaching the top.


Silver Solutions USA is just one valued client in our diverse and expansive portfolio of companies and brands we serve every day. At Coalition Technologies we use innovative SEO strategies to keep your message appealing, on-brand and up-to-date, and we have a long track record of satisfied clients to prove that our systems work. If you’ve been trying to make the best of search engines and social media to get eyes on your product or service, but you can’t quite seem to crack the market you’re looking for, Coalition Technologies might be the friend you need.

At Coalition we always have our doors open to new clients, whether they be big or small, established industry veterans or young upstarts looking to shine. Call us at (310) 775-2542 or shoot us an email to set up your free consultation today. You don’t have to wait a minute longer to start getting the most out of your marketing: get in touch with Coalition Technologies today and learn first-hand why we’re considered one of the very best in the business.

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