Coalition Welcomes Stay Lit To The Team

Coalition Welcomes Stay Lit To The Team

Coalition Technologies is proud to welcome Stay Lit as our newest client. Stay Lit originally began life as an Etsy shop, before opening their own dedicated online store. Coalition’s expertise with ecommerce made us a perfect choice for their next steps toward online success, and we’re eager to see what new milestones we and our new partner will reach in the days to come.

About the Brand

Simply put, Stay Lit is the most stylish vape accessories outlet on the internet. They offer custom-designed vape skins, as well as custom-threaded batteries for leading brands, including Juul and Pax Era. They also sell a full range of smoking and vaping accessories and are famous for their strong relationship with their customers, learning true hands-on customer service from their time on Etsy. They dedicate a whole section of their website to fan photos and the accompanying (glowing) customer reviews.

With the market and interest in vape accessories on the rise, Stay Lit represents one of the most significant truths of ecommerce: customers can tell if you care. While plenty of entrepreneurs and established brands have tried to capitalize on the new market for purely financial gain, the folks at Stay Lit love what they do. They understand their customers’ wants because they share a passion for the product with their customers. From their design to their customer service, they understand that helping customers feel more like themselves through a custom vinyl or battery shouldn’t come at an undue expense.

Stay Lit offers wraps for most common vape battery configurations, as well as pre-wrapped batteries from leading and popular brands. They’re also serious about their customer relationships, offering a quick response to customer questions and problems through their website and their social media.

Starting out with simple vinyl wraps for popular vaping brands, Stay Lit has expanded through their move to their own website without diluting their distinctive flair and brand identity. Each design is one-of-a-kind, and many of them come with a cosmic or even surrealist aesthetic that, frankly, goes well with a smoky room.

The Coalition Advantage

Stay Lit was in a situation many businesses have been in before them: they had a great product line but needed some expert help to make their online presence the equal of that great product. Coalition’s passion for our work is a match for our clients’, and it shows in the detail and depth we bring to the work we do for them. From web design, SEO, and AdWords to Analytics and brand management, at Coalition we feel we’re at our best when we get to option our expertise into success for our clients.

Send us an email at or give us a call at 310-827-3890 to schedule your free consultation. We also take clients year-round, so there’s never a bad time to call. Get in touch today, and experience the Coalition Advantage for yourself.

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