Below is an SEO Timeline I created based on requests by people I’ve talked to who wanted to understand what to expect:


Many of our web design or SEO clients in Los Angeles and Seattle ask about what they can expect from our SEO efforts. We always walk them through the process and try and establish reasonable expectations for great results. Since our approach is much cleaner, standards compliant, and at the cutting edge of SEO, the results don’t always happen overnight.

Some SEO companies will guarantee instant results, but what they aren’t promising is long term results. That’s where we come in.

Once you’ve signed up for a Coalition SEO campaign, you’re always getting pushed to the forefront of your competitive keywords and we’re always seeking out new opportunities to improve your revenue. We don’t just focus for a 1 month, temporary SEO ranking. We look to get you to the top of the heap and keep you there for years.

That result is more achievable because of the way we go about our campaigns and helping your business. SEO is more then just keywords and links and we know it. We’re able to significantly help our business partners in the long term.

If you’re curious about how we do SEO, or would like us to assist your business. Give us a call.

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