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Coalition Technologies is a highly advanced digital marketing agency in Los Angeles, California. We specialize in search engine optimization, website design and development, interactive marketing, business consulting, and eCommerce platform development. We work with clients ranging from large corporations to small businesses, and our clients are located all over the country.

At Coalition, we know that simply incorporating a Facebook link or a Twitter feed in your website’s landing page will not necessarily gain significant revenue for your company. Social media, actually, is not a crutch to lean on, but rather a tool to further promote your business. It cannot be depended on to do the hard work. We believe that it can be used quite effectively if you also have an advanced Search Engine Marketing technique and a thoughtfully developed web design. We believe that these three aspects of web development (Web Design, SEM, and Social Media) are crucial. And they can be used together to progress your website into a lucrative Google ranking, as well as give you the best return on your investment (ROI). Rather than place one over the other, we choose to actively use these in a way that makes each of these processes a collective effort to continually promote your online presence.

Web Design
Your web design is the actual framework to your site. Without a well-done web design, your business is usually not likely to survive. It must be well-designed, well-conceptualized, and technically advanced to contribute to a significant ROI.

Search Engine Marketing
SEM is what keeps your online presence alive and thriving. In today’s online market, it is not a question: if you’re an online business, you need to be search engine optimized. With literally millions of businesses on the web and over two billion people online, your online marketing will not stand a chance if people are not seeing what you have to offer within at least the first couple pages of Google’s search engine results pages. In fact, 60% of clicks are within the top three rankings of Google’s SERPs.
Social Media ScreenshotBy keeping up with the latest search engine algorithms for Search Engine Optimization, we at Coalition Technologies can always be giving your business that edge over other competitors in your field.

Social Media
Finally, social media: It’s important for us to create a buzz for your company. Most consumers consider an online recommendation as seriously as, if not more than, a personal one. To deny the importance of a social media presence is to ignore the growing development of your potential business advancement.

At Coalition Technologies, we have the experience, creativity, and professionalism to profitably take on your next project. We are continually analyzing and evaluating and testing. We want to create the absolute best 24/7/365 representation of you. As a fully-loaded internet marketing agency, you will be allowed and encouraged to actively participate throughout the entire process.

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