Image of HTML5

Era of Flash at an end! Long Live HTML5!

Every SEOs dream, of one day having a world where Flash is no longer a little pea buried under a pile of mattresses seems to be drawing close.

See the video below for why- Adobe is developing ‘Wallaby’, an Air app that allows users to simply drag and drop Flash to convert to HTML5.

This seems like Adobe is finally beginning to figure out that too large a segment of the population can’t properly leverage the full capability of their Flash development, and that there is a significant upside to the gradual implementation of HTML 5 standards.

Why are Los Angeles search engine marketing firms like ours so happy about this? Flash enables our website designs to have engaging media content on page that catches the eye of site visitors. But it also is largely irrelevant in search results so it doesn’t do us much in the way of search engine optimization. HTML5 was the promised land solution for this, and Adobe seems to be giving it an ever so subtle head nod of approval.

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