Get ‘Em While They’re Hot! Implementing Flash Sale Strategy into Ecommerce

Get ‘Em While They’re Hot! Implementing Flash Sale Strategy into Ecommerce

The Run Down

A flash sale online is more-or-less the same as an in-store sale: a retailer offers lower prices on select items for a limited time. The only difference online is how you advertise. Below, we’ll be going over some of Coalition’s favorite flash sale ideas and why they matter to your ecommerce business.

The 24-Hour Rule

A flash sale is meant to encourage impulse buys and push brand awareness, as well as putting customers’ eyes on other non-sale items. A longer sale may not give customers the feeling of excitement and potential good luck that a 24-hour flash sale does. Regular flash sales, highlighting rotating sets of items or products, can yield significant gains for your conversions. Further, each sale serves to bolster brand awareness, driving visitors to your site and incentivizing them to look at other non-sale items.

Remember, 24 hours is the outer limit of flash sale online time. Three-hour sales have shown transaction rates as high as 14%.

Set Definite Goals

A flash sale online is most effective when a definite goal is set for the sale to accomplish. Are you trying to drive interest to a new product or one that isn’t doing well? Are you capitalizing on a high-performing product by offering a discount? Are you mostly focused on conversions, or is brand visibility more your focus? Be sure to make a specific goal for your team’s flash sale online.

Promote Ahead of Time

Like any sale, you need to give your audience time to get the message, especially for a flash sale online. Online shoppers like to do their research and “vet” retailers and their products before they buy, meaning your flash sale promotions should give users a little breathing room before that 24-hour sales period starts.

Assess Your Inventory

This might be more of a concern for some businesses than others, but one’s inventory can be both inspiration and constraint for a good flash sale strategy. If you have lots of quality products sitting in a warehouse, a flash sale can help you sell them and make back your investment. Additionally, be aware that the increased growth your flash sale online brings can also mean new or expanded inventory concerns, so be sure to pay close attention.

Coalition Can Help

Here at Coalition Technologies, ecommerce is one of our specialties. Whether for small independent retailers or large, established online merchants, we’ve got the digital acumen to get the very most out of your flash sale online. Call us today at (310) 827-3890 or email us at to schedule a free consultation for your business. If you’ve dreamed of turning your online presence into the high-ranking, high-converting machine you’ve always known it could be, we encourage you to get in touch. Experience the Coalition advantage today.

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