Google Shopping Ads to appear in Google images

Google Shopping Ads to Appear in Google Images

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As of March 2019, Google Ads users can expect to see their ads also placed in the Images section of Google.

This is great news for businesses. As noted by Ashok Patidar, PPC Manager at Coalition Technologies, these listings “mean more opportunities to showcase product ads in front of highly qualified people who are specifically looking at Google Images as potential answers for their needs.”

Whether you’re planning your approach to Google shopping optimization or you simply want to know how potential customers will view your ads moving forward, it’s important that you understand what this change means to you, as a Google Ads user.

Changes to Anticipate

Before you start adjusting your Google shopping ads strategy, make sure you know how this shift is going to affect your campaign(s). The big differentiating factor is whether your campaigns run on the Search Partner Network or the Search Network.

Professionals networking with laptops and mobile devicesIf you haven’t opted into the Search Partner Network, that means your ads haven’t been showing up in Google Images in the past (although they will now). This means that, according to the email Google sent out, you can most likely anticipate “a 3-10% increase in traffic at lower cost-per-click and comparable conversion rates.”

In other words, if your ads weren’t previously on the Search Partner Network, a significant amount of Google shopping optimization was just done for you, at no extra charge.

If your ads were already on the Search Partner Network, according to Google’s email, “you may see a decrease in traffic coming in from Search Partner Network and an increase in traffic coming from the Search Network.”

How to Adjust Your Google Shopping Ads Strategy

Now that you know what to expect, it’s up to you to look into new ways to keep up with the latest changes. After all, the sooner you implement Google shopping optimization, the better your short and long-term results are going to be.

Online shopping concept with laptop and credit cardIn order to form a solid game plan, start by considering the context — your ads are going to be showing up in Google Images. So, the logical next step is to make sure that your ads are attractive enough to stand out (or at least blend in). After all, they’re going to be surrounded by the highest ranking images. Optimizing your ads with higher-quality images just makes sense.

Beyond just improving the quality of your images, you may want to take new photos that better highlight your variety of products. This method of Google shopping optimization makes sense because Google images may contain more than one product. For example, if you sell home decor, you could use an image that includes your lamps, vases, and framed art all in one photo.

We Can Improve Your Ad Campaigns

The internet is constantly evolving, and handling changes on your own can be daunting. Here at Coalition Technologies, we implement innovative, cutting-edge techniques that keep your company ahead of the curve so you can focus on running your business.

Whether your website needs to be optimized for search engines or you want to generate more revenue with a PPC campaign, our team can help you with all aspects of Google shopping optimization.

We encourage you to get in touch for a free quote and consultation. We have a 99% client satisfaction rate because what we do works — it’s that simple. If you’re ready to grow your bottom line, our experts are eager to get started. Call us at (310) 827-3890 or contact us online, and we’ll develop a personalized Google shopping ads strategy that does your brand justice.

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