Hit the Deck with PatioLiving

Hit the Deck with PatioLiving

Coalition Technologies is thrilled to announce our new venture with PatioLiving, an online outlet dedicated to providing stunning brand-name furniture at rock bottom prices. With free shipping and an inventory of a breadth that would make any warehouse chain blush, we think PatioLiving can make great strides in the outdoor furniture market. Read on to find out why Coalition is the perfect partner for them.

About the Brand

PatioLiving was started in 2009 with the goal of providing high quality, low cost outdoor furniture to anyone who needs to add some pizzazz to their yard or deck’s tableau. The founder’s previous business experience comes not from the furniture market but from business and e-commerce, lending a much-needed outsider’s perspective to the world of outdoor furniture. PatioLiving also provides free shipping on all its orders, a 30 day return policy and a generous price matching policy that cements their commitment to keeping their price tags as low as possible.

PatioLiving provides a range of inventory and a dedication to customer care and cost efficiency that few other online retailers can match. They also have the advantage of 10 years in the business—significant in a marketplace that has something of a fly-by-night reputation. The brand has quality, longevity and customer loyalty on its side, and with the right exposure they have the potential to become giants in their field. Coalition Technologies is proud to be the ones to join them on the next leg of their journey.

Marketing, the Coalition Way

Coalition Technologies knows you put every ounce of your heart and soul into your projects, and we try to match your dedication at every turn. We know a one-size-fits-all philosophy doesn’t work in today’s business world, and that’s why we make it our goal to make sure you get exactly what you need for your company’s growth. We use proven SEO marketing strategies tailor-made for the needs of our clients, involving ourselves every step of the way in making sure your brand becomes the success you know it can be. Where other marketing firms see a client, we think of you as a partner, and as soon as you start working with us you’ll know the difference immediately.

Why not get started with Coalition today? You don’t have to settle for inferior, impersonal marketing: call (310) 907-7823 or drop us a line at our contact page to set up your free consultation. We work with businesses of all sizes and levels of experience, and our doors are always open to new partnerships with entrepreneurs who have a great idea and a passion for success. Your brand has nothing to lose, and a whole new world of exposure to gain. Join the Coalition Technologies family and see the difference between clientele and partnership today.

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