How to write good blog posts for SEO

How to Write Good Blog Posts for SEO

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These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find a quality website that doesn’t include a blog, and for good reason. If you regularly create engaging content and use SEO for blogging, you can drastically improve your organic traffic, naturally boosting your company’s revenue.

Discover why maintaining a blog is such a vital step in improving your site’s ranking on SERPs, and try these easy and effective SEO blogging tips and ideas.

Why You Should Be Blogging

Before discussing blogging techniques, it’s important that you understand why your site should have a blog.

Keep your website ‘alive’: Every time you update your website, Google’s algorithms take note. Even if your website is technically active, if you haven’t updated it in a while, it’s going to lose its ranking on SERPs. That’s where SEO for blogging comes in. Updating your site with a new blog post is a great way to blow the digital dust off your site so it stays on Google’s radar.

Engage your audience: Providing relevant, informative blog posts is a great way to keep your potential customers/clients interested in your brand. It also establishes trust and loyalty.

Millennial woman typing on laptop with headphones.Equally as important, blogs keep visitors on your site longer, which is good for SEO. Google’s goal is to provide its users with the most relevant search results. When visitors click your site and immediately ‘bounce’ to another, that signals to Google that your site isn’t delivering relevant information. When visitors stick around, Google algorithms take notice.

Keep it real: According to Aaron Smith, Content Strategist at Coalition Technologies:

“I see SEO text that sounds like a robot wrote it all too often. My trick for SEO-friendly blogs is to write the way real people talk. With Google’s semantic search on the rise, the readers get what you’re trying to say and the blog grabs traffic for the site.”

Use keywords and linking: Targeting long-tail keywords and including internal links are essential SEO blogging techniques that are proven to work. When someone searches a keyword you targeted, they’re going to find your site. Additionally, your blog posts give other sites a reason to link to your site, naturally building domain authority.

SEO Blogging Tips

Now that you better understand the why of blogging, it’s time to take a look at the how. Now, it’s important to note that there are plenty of technically in-depth techniques that require an expert’s touch. However, these basic tips will get you started.

Take your time: Quality is more valuable than quantity. The days of cramming a bunch of relevant words on a page to improve SEO are long over. Today’s sophisticated algorithms can recognize true quality, which means you need to create well-written content that provides genuine value to the reader. Avoid filler, keep the content engaging, and give readers something to think about.

Link to other posts: One of the easiest SEO blogging techniques is simply linking one post to another. Links establish credibility and give your audience a reason to stick around longer. It also helps search engine crawlers to better navigate and rank your pages.

Hands typing on an Apple laptop.Use keywords: Incorporating keywords and phrases into your content is essential. There are a number of online tools that can help you to target the best possible keywords, but the most important thing you can do is to put yourself in the mindset of a web surfer. What types of words and phrases would they likely be searching to find your blog article?

Improve formatting: Nobody wants to read a massive block of text. Keep your paragraphs succinct, break up your article into sections with clear headings, and use bullet lists and numeric lists when applicable. Including images is an easy way to make your post more engaging and appealing to Google algorithms.

Consider what’s trending: When crafting blog content, you want to focus on topics that are going to be of interest to your audience. Google Trends can help you to find ideas, as can trending hashtags. Also be sure to check out other websites and blogs in your industry. See what people in your niche are talking about, and then create blog content that speaks to them and gives them a better understanding of the topic.

Promote your articles: You can write the best blog content in the world, but it’s going to fall flat if nobody knows it exists. Promote the content on other webpages within your site, share the links on your social media profiles, and share it with industry insiders who may be interested. The more traction you get, the more your rankings will benefit.

Hire a #1 Ranked SEO Company

We’ve only scratched the surface as far as SEO for blogging goes. Out of all the SEO blogging tips, the most vital is that you should hire experts to optimize your content professionally. Our team has the technical skills and knowledge required to take your blog to the next level. Call (310) 827-3890 or contact us now, and we’ll explain exactly how we can boost your bottom line.

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