Infographics: Wine Not?

Original Source: Different Types of Wine

Infographics are an obvious content solution. They’re an attractive way to provide information to your target audience, while seamlessly fusing your creative heavyweights: copy and design. While infographics may seem like a hip new invention, infographics have existed for hundreds of years, compartmentalizing data for readers in useful, visual ways.

While we could spout a bunch of statistics about the value of infographics for your content marketing strategy, we can bet (without looking), there are quite a few infographics already doing just that. Meta, right?

So instead of inundating you with the facts, we’re here to share a case study of an effective infographic strategy we discovered during our daily content research: Wine Folly’s The Many Different Types of Wine.

This infographic was so shareable, it landed a spot on content-behemoth, BuzzFeed. Talk about a PR goldmine for Wine Folly. So why do we think this infographic is so fruit-forward?

Let’s break it down:


1. Creating Targeted Content


Who loves wine? Millennials. Who also loves spending money online? That’s right: millennials. Every day, new research pops up about millennials reshaping the wine market. With high-paying tech jobs and low levels of responsibility (many millennials are forfeiting children for travel and high-end living), millennials are able afford the $40 bottles of wine their parents may have passed on. Just as winemakers are smart to develop relationships with their younger customers, content providers are smart to use wine to drive traffic.

Enter Wine Folly, a content provider that simplifies wine for online audiences. Yes, it’s true, Wine Folly uses great content to make money. And yes, you can too.


2. In the Know


Social media and content have taken off, because they make internet users feel “in the loop.” Facebook makes you a part of a club, where people “like” and support you, and social content keeps you up-to-date on topics you wish you knew more about: news and what’s hip (in this case, wine).

Wine Folly’s chart draws on something that’s in-fashion and makes you a connoisseur. Read this infographic, and you, too, can be in the cool club.



3. SEO-Friendly


No digital content discussion would be complete without mention of SEO. While there are plenty of content marketers ready to whine (no pun intended) about the limitations of SEO copy, Wine Folly’s infographic proves great content can also serve a traffic-driving purpose. As you probably already know, Google’s crawlers can’t read images, and thus, images don’t provide SEO value. To remedy this situation, Wine Folly published their infographic around keyword-rich 500+ words of text. The text is not only informative, but adds context to the chart and provides internal links to other content-rich pages on their site.

You can even buy the infographic as a poster for your home. Yes, you can have your keywords and create art-worthy content too.


4. Linkbuilding



We can’t say for sure whether Wine Folly pitched Buzzfeed or Buzzfeed reached out to them, but either way, getting a link on Buzzfeed is an incredible linkbuilding strategy worth considering. High-level media outlets provide invaluable traction to your site. How do you think we found this infographic in the first place? See how we’re sharing it too?

At Coalition Technologies, we love making infographics. Infographics allow our restless creatives to stretch their copy claws and photoshop talons and create something new and interesting that serves your business’s needs. Need to drive traffic? There’s an infographic for that!


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