Integrating Brand Identity into SEO

Search engine optimization requires many technical processes. Plenty of the aspects of your marketing efforts can be evaluated strictly in percentages and numerical values. But many SEO providers often overlook how it can impact your brand image.

For instance, reputable, white hat SEO uses quality link building as one aspect to increase search prominence. Obviously, we prefer these links to be honest referrals and free of exchanges or compensation. But what does that link referrer say about you?

At Coalition, we want our link partner to be a good reflection of our client. We want edgy, forward thinking companies to be linked to from relatively similar sites. It makes no sense for us to promote a social media company that has a somewhat tongue-in-cheek personality with a marketing agency that is as stuffy and stoic as my grandfather.

Most SEOs think about only the SERP and don’t evaluate whether or not they’re getting a good  representation from their referral.

I am less likely to buy/hire/pursue a company if I don’t find their company brand matched by their referrers. Google and Bing aren’t just search providers, they’re also commonly used for fact checking, research, and establishing familiarity with a company. If someone digs deeper and your references don’t match who your site represents, you may get passed over.

Pay attention to your brand identity. Reputation management should be ongoing both with external sources in mind and internal ones.

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