Introducing Coalition's Latest Client

Introducing Coalition’s Latest Client

Coalition Technologies is pleased to announce our new partnership with Shahen Derderian & Associates. Shahen Deridan offers a robust suite of financial services to an elite tier of VIP clients. Coalition is incredibly excited to join them in expanding their brand even further.


Shahen Derderian works with an incredibly wide range of financial tools and strategies that can’t be beat for the discerning client. SD&A helps with bill payments, offers advice for business investments, provides support for international transactions and more. They work with a premium clientele and engage in high-stakes ventures in an incredibly comprehensive manner.

Shahen Derderian shows a lot of promise as a premium brand. They have a slew of trustworthy names that can attest to their virtues and their large range of services provided offers convenience and speed as well as quality. This is definitely a venture you’ll want to keep your eyes on.


If you have a brand or company you’ve been wanting to take to the next level, Coalition can help. Call us at (310) 907-7949 or send us an email to set up your free consultation. Take this opportunity to let Coalition’s unparalleled SEO strategies and devoted client services make your project the best—and most seen—that it can be.

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