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If you’re having trouble increasing traffic for your business website, there are several possible solutions. They all require a dedicated effort on the part of your marketing team and a top-notch SEO services company. At Coalition Technologies, a Los Angeles SEO services company, we offer search engine optimization (SEO) strategies tailored to your business and ever-changing Web marketing trends. SEO combines keyword optimization, written and visual media, scripting, linking and social media marketing to drive your website to the top of Google, Yahoo! or Bing search.

According to the article 5 Trends Shaping SEO Content Marketing in 2013 on SearchEngineWatch.com, SEO is focusing on quality content of 500 to 1000 words, which tend to get more response from readers via comments and click-throughs to other pages on your site.  The experts at Coalition, a top Los Angeles SEO services company, stay on top of SEO and web business trends to give you a strong advantage over the competition.

But customers need to find you first. That’s not easy amid the 644 million active websites, (according to a 2012 article on Business Insider). That’s a lot of competition vying for ten spaces on a Google search engine page.

On the Cutting Edge of SEO

los angeles search engine optimizationCoalition is more than simply a Los Angeles SEO services company. We offer professional SEO services that incorporate cutting-edge elements to create big picture SEO for your business. Written content with original research, not rewritten articles from other sites, give quality to consumers. Once the customer comes to your website, the next goal is to make them buy. Engaging quality content and product descriptions this doesn’t mean just written content. We’ll look at the broad spectrum of SEO content, including photos, videos, audio (including podcasts) and other original content to differentiate it from hundreds even thousands of competitors and increase your search engine ranking.

Quality content and SEO keywords are a way to attract and retrain customers. In the early days of the internet, keyword stuffing was common – plugging in an abundance of keywords as many times as possible within a short article with little or no regards for article quality. Eventually, business owners learned that quality content along with a host of other marketing strategies offered the best results for companies. Inferior SEO content brought people to a website through backlinks, but sent them away feeling cheated.

Longer articles aren’t merely a chance to deliver more keywords to search engines; they provide your customers with knowledge that will help them make a better buying decision. This helps position your business as an authority

Our clients come from all types of industries – cosmetics, jewelry, mobile communications, and medical, just to name a few. We’ll research your company, your competitors and industry trends to determine your specific needs. We won’t cut corners with your SEO business plan. We have a seven-point process that combines research, planning, content creation and optimization to provide you with the best SEO services possible. You can read more about our SEO pricing and process.

We get to know you company and industry before compiling an SEO plan. Our hard work and our clients’ commitment pay off, with an increase in many clients’ web traffic and sales occurring within a few months.

Bring Customers to Your Site and Influence their Purchasing Decisions with SEO

If your business is linked to an article on Forbes.com or another important, high-traffic website, it creates backlinks and lends authority to your business. Quality backlinks may lead to other possibilities, like interview requests or mention of your business on other websites or social media.  Ancillary goals such as these provide additional value and prove the more care you put into  SEO content,  the greater the reward.

Keyword ranking determines where you’re placed on Google or Bing search. With hundreds of millions of websites vying for those top 10 spots, you need to put your best effort into your business website, and our Los Angeles SEO services company can tailor content and marketing to help you improve your page ranker and help potential buyers find your website.

Adapting to Changing E-Commerce World

search-engine-optimization-laStatistics show that 81% of customers make purchasing decisions on the Internet. By using a mixture of articles, blog entries, product descriptions and a distinctive landing page, you can sway customers to buy your product or service. Even the way a page is set up can influence a customer’s decision to stay or click to competitors’ sites. Our SEO and web marketing professionals can assist you in providing potential customers with a quality experience.

Most of our clients choose a comprehensive web marketing package that includes search engine optimization, website design, custom development and marketing services. Utilizing all of these services will boost your online presence even more than search engine optimization alone. The key is to not only attract potential customers, but to convert them. In other words, your visitors become customers.

Call us at Coalition Technologies at 1-310-827-3890 for a consultation and free quote. We’ll work with you on a SEO and marketing plan to boost your business to the next level. We’re the premiere Los Angeles SEO services company, noted for our integrity and follow-up. Just check out the reviews from satisfied clients on Yelp.

You spend your time developing a product or service that people want- that’s your part. Let us help you lead prospects to your website with engaging SEO content, link-building and a targeted social media campaign. Our skilled, dedicated staff will guide you through all the steps needed to boost your website ranking, attract more visitors and increase your bottom line. Call or email us today.

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