Meet Northbay Maintenance Inc

Meet Northbay Maintenance, Inc.

Coalition Technologies can’t wait to start working with Northbay Maintenance, Inc, a company that keeps it clean and looks good doing it! Whether your office windows need a new layer of sparkle or your parking lot needs a quick sweep-up, Northbay Maintenance is the one to call.


True to their name, Northbay has been serving the northern California Bay Area for almost 10 years. They provide a comprehensive repertoire of cleaning and maintenance services: window washing, deck polishing, street sweeping and general janitorial services are just a few of the custodial benefits they have to offer. They provide a range of corporate cleaning services that few other establishments can touch.

Northbay has been able to thrive in the competitive Bay Area by providing great wages and exceptional results for their clients. And with the business world of the Bay growing by the day, we’re excited to grow and expand with Northbay as well.


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