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SEO for Ecommerce Results

Coalition has never been one to avoid patting itself on its back, especially when our hardwork has paid off for our clients. One of our Magento ecommerce store clients, that has engaged us for web design, conversion optimization, and search engine optimization has seen some big returns.

What do those returns look like?

Derived from Google Analytics (not our own imaginary scoring systems), this particular client has seen an 40% increase in traffic over the last 3 months, not related to their brand name. Prior to starting with Coalition Technologies, their site’s top 10 traffic drivers were all related to their brand name or branded products. Now? While the brand traffic has remained static, they are now seeing 5 of their top 10 traffic generators come from competitive industry terms.

Typically the client sees a seasonal drop in sales across the boards (through physical distributors and online). This year, they’re seeing an increase. The number of sales are up, the average value of sales are up, their cost per conversion is down, etc.

We always are pleased to see that our clients aren’t just receiving increased traffic and ranking from our efforts. We want to see revenues and sales increase in conjunction with the work that we do. We’re very pleased to say that is happening for our client.

Please call us or contact us if you’re interested in finding out what an SEO team with web development certification on a number of different ecommerce platforms can do for you.

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