SEO for Hoteliers: Questions to Ask

Today, a vast majority of the American public uses a search engine to regularly seek out information, products, and services. This is especially the case for the hospitality industry. Hoteliers can benefit greatly from a skilled SEO campaign that improves search engine rankings for their website. Of course everyone else knows this too and the competition for top search rankings is fierce. Make sure the SEO firm you sign up with to handle your campaign knows their craft. Here are some questions you can ask to determine whether you are getting the most out of your seo expert Los Angeles services.

1. Does Your Firm Know the Hospitality Industry?

Of course many SEO techniques are transferable across industries, but the best SEO takes every aspect of the industry it is serving into consideration. The content on your website should not only be geared to appeal to search engines; it should appeal equally to the hotel goers visiting your site. Does your website convey the information guests need to determine their travel plans? Is the booking process convenient for your visitors? Above all, will the SEO firm you work with be willing to sit down with you and really understand your business and your vision?

2. Is Your Firm Employing Cutting Edge SEO Techniques?

Search algorithms are always changing, as well as the SEO practices that appeal to those algorithms. Is your SEO firm on top of the latest SEO techniques? Today Google’s Hummingbird update and other tweaks have made it so that rich content, engaging websites, and a rewarding customer experience are essential to proper SEO.

This means demanding your seo expert in Los Angeles that your content is of a rich, editorial quality that is engaging for the reader and free of glaring errors. Keywords are still relevant but you don’t want your content stuffed with them. Your content should be useful or entertaining to the reader (or both) and should be optimized for local searches and destinations. Finally, make sure your website accounts for users with other devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

3. Does Your Firm Know How to Build Links?

Link-building is still an important SEO procedure, but if it is done wrong you will be penalized instead of rewarded. Gone are the days when you can purchase links or engage in link farming, or building up whatever links you can for the sake of having links. Links you want to build up are relevant and organic links, such as links from travel blogs, other travel sites, and websites for local landmarks and attractions.

4. Does Your Firm Incorporate Local Search?

As a hotelier, it is especially important to capture local searches that are relevant to your hotel locations. Over one-third of searches are actually local, meaning that users are searching for location-specific services. For example, travelers may search for “los angeles hotels,” and you’ll want to make sure that your hotel is showing up in those results. Engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, all have local listings, and you can create location-specific content as well, so make sure your seo expert in Los Angeles optimizes for local searches.

5. Do You Have a Plan for Maintaining Your Ranking?

Even if you made it to the top of the search rankings – and if so, congratulations – you want to make sure you are constantly at the top of your game. Otherwise your competitors will eventually pass you up and unseat your site from the top rankings. Ask your SEO firm about what you need to maintain your high ranking. Get yourself set up with an intuitive content management system (CMS) to help keep your content updated and fresh.

Hire a Professional Today

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