SEO founded Web Design Company

Coalition Technologies seems to be the only United States web design company founded by a high level SEO expert. We’ve looked around, and we’ve yet to find another business whose primary emphasis is on search marketing and conversion optimized website design and creation. If you’re out there, let us know that we’re not alone!

Coalition Technologies was founded in 2009 by Joel Gross in Los Angeles. Joel moved to LA specifically with the intention to create a company that he saw a great need. Prior to founding our web design firm, he had worked as the head of SEO for a multinational reputation management company based in Seattle. While there, he realized an alarming trend among websites for Fortune 500 companies and for smaller businesses. They just simply were not built for reaching consumers through search engine optimization and most definitely were not built to emphasize conversions (sign ups, contacts, or sales). That planted the seed of creativity in his mind.

Upon leaving his previous firm, Joel moved immediately to the largest metropolitan area on the West Coast- Los Angeles. Joel immediately began to hire the best programmers and web designers that he could reach in the larger region and formed them into a working, cohesive unit, thus the name Coalition. Unlike a traditional web design agency, ours is a team of experts in each area, with equal contribution and input on every project. No board room, no receptionists, no office managers, no branch managers, etc. That amounts to a significant savings to our clients and generates better results since no site gets through development without a strong emphasis on every one of our expertise areas.

If your company is looking for a web design firm in Los Angeles or Seattle and you want to be able to generate new customers and increase your revenues with a website, contact us.

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