SEO & PPC are must haves for Great Website Performance

A great quality web design will help to convert your site visitors into a customers. But most web designers only have a limited understanding of what it takes to get the visitors to your site.

If you’ve been shopping around for a website design company, you’ve probably already seen and heard the term ‘SEO’ or ‘PPC’ a billion times. You’ve also probably learned the terms ‘keywords’ and ‘back links’. A lot of SEO (search engine optimization) companies focus on these two things as being the core of their marketing efforts on your website’s behalf. Problem is, that keyword targeting and back links are a very small part of what determines ranking, and Google, Bing, and Yahoo are beginning to look for other factors first. They’re also looking into the quality of your links, and the relevance of your keywords.

What’s that all mean? Usually, we see SEO company’s selling a specific number of backlinks and a specific number of keywords that they intend to target. Problem is, search engines don’t care as much about numbers as they used to. 10 years ago, a million back links might have gotten you a number one ranking. Now? A million backlinks are more likely to get Google’s spam team investigating your marketing, and if you’re SEO company wasn’t very good, your site can be removed from search results pages altogether because the backlinks weren’t relevant to your site content, and look like they were purchased. JC Penney and both made the mistake of hiring an SEO company that sold them on back links and lots of keywords targeted. But both of of them took huge financial hits in the first quarter of this year because they got caught for it. Google is willing to punish big business that spend millions of dollars and it is just as willing to punish small businesses or new internet start ups.

A good SEO company doesn’t focus on selling you 100 or 1000 back links. It doesn’t tell you it will target 50 or 60 keywords every month. A good SEO company is constantly responding to Google’s latest algorithm updates, and what your consumers are actually responding to. It doesn’t make sense to spend all of your time marketing a product that doesn’t sell or fifty products that don’t sell. That’s why we are always analyzing and testing user behavior for our clients to ensure that our SEO efforts are actually generating dollars in the bank, and not lots of back links.

We’re also a custom website developer with experience in large database driven sites, ecommerce builds, and informational or social media focused sites. That way, we can support our marketing with sound technical coding, attractive visual aesthetics, and creative promotional pieces.

Please contact us if that sounds like a team that you want to partner with. Our phone number is 310.827.3890 or 310.736.2848 (Venice). Feel free to browse our website for more information.



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