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If you’re looking for a user-friendly eCommerce solution, you’re in luck. Amazon Webstore setup is remarkably simple. Simply visit, click the “Get Started” button, choose a membership option and build your store. With an Amazon Webstore, you can start your own eCommerce business on Amazon, right from the convenience of the world’s biggest online marketplace. Easy, right? Well, not so fast. If it were as simple as signing up for a Webstore and listing products, everyone would be a millionaire. There’s an obvious downside to setting up your virtual yard sale on the doorstep of the world’s most powerful eCommerce site: competitors! Millions of them, in fact. Amazon provides fantastic opportunities, but if you want to truly succeed among a sea of savvy competition, you need a qualified Amazon Webstore SEO company on your side.

The Amazon Webstore – Pros and Cons

We have already established one of the biggest drawbacks of selling online. The competition is fierce, and what’s worse, many of your competitors have already been in the game for years, building their brand and establishing their reputation. Additionally, Amazon is a bit pricier than some of the other eCommerce solutions, with services starting a $39.99 (plus transaction fees). Still, considering what you get, it just might be a worthwhile investment for your business.

Maybe you’re already having second thoughts, but don’t get discouraged just yet. We’ve covered some of the major cons, but what about the pros? With the right game plan, you can reap serious rewards from Amazon. For starters, Amazon allows you access to customers who would never otherwise find you, thanks to the integration of Amazon Marketplace listings and Amazon Product Ads. The company also makes it easy for you to establish trust, thanks to its built-in rating system that highlights the achievements of reliable sellers. It’s very difficult to build this sort of reputation on your own, especially if you’re just starting out. Additionally, with its intuitive templates and point-and-click features, Amazon saves you from having to build your own eCommerce store from scratch, which can be quite overwhelming.


Why You Need an Amazon Webstore SEO Company

If you would like to go places with your Amazon Webstore, consider hiring an Amazon Webstore SEO company. With a qualified SEO team at your side, you can establish yourself as an unstoppable force within your industry. Your competitors are investing top dollar in SEO, and if you want to succeed on Amazon or in any eCommerce environment, you simply can’t leave it to chance.

In addition, an SEO company can help you to market your products using pay-per-click (PPC) opportunities, which will drive additional traffic and revenue. To achieve that necessary edge, you need to pay attention to even the smallest details: the keywords used in your product descriptions, the persuasiveness of your listings, and even the demographics at which your products are targeted. A qualified SEO company can help you to work out all of these details and more, and that will have a huge impact on your bottom line.


Coalition Technologies – Your Amazon Webstore SEO Company

If you want to get the most from Amazon, Coalition Technologies can help. Our expert SEO technicians have been working with Amazon sellers for years, and we understand how to obtain the maximum return on your investment. Call us today at 1-310-827-3890 for a free quote, and let us show you what we can do for you. Let’s turn your Amazon WebStore into a worldwide enterprise.

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