The Benefits of Google Authorship

For people concerned about SEO in Los Angeles, something that may help them increase their rankings and drive business is Google Authorship. Google Authorship has many potential benefits for people who can utilize the program successfully. Some people have also speculated that Google is ranking authors as well as websites, so this program may become more important for SEO in the future. Below are some benefits to Google Authorship

Increase Web Traffic

Perhaps the more important benefit that Google Authorship presents to people worrying about SEO in Los Angeles is that it drives web traffic. Google Authorship puts the author’s Google+ profile picture next to the page listing on a Google search for each page that they author. Studies have shown that this picture attracts attention no matter the page listing. The viewer’s eyes are naturally attracted to the picture before anything else. In some cases, putting up an attractive picture on Google+ increased a business’ click through rate by 150%, and it’s not uncommon for click through rates to increase by over 50% as well.  

Make Your Listing Visible

Along with the benefits of the Google+ picture, using Google Authorship also makes a page listing more visible. This can make it seem like a business has the number one listing on a search when they in fact aren’t listed that high.

There’s another interesting feature to using Google Authorship that increases visibility and readership.  Say a searcher likes an author’s listing, clicks through to the page and reads the author’s content for two minutes or more. When the searcher clicks back to the search listings, Google will display other content written by the same author underneath the original listing. These links give the viewer more chances to read the author’s content.

Develop Expertise

With Google Authorship, writers and others doing SEO in Los Angeles can target a few categories to become experts in and tailor their content around that goal. The more authority they gain as a writer, the the more they can demand from other people to create content. Google Authorship also displays an author’s following on their listing. If an author can develop a circle of similar experts, that will add to their credibility and value.

Google Authorship also verifies an author’s posts and comments on other people’s websites and blogs.  The author can use their comments and the identity attached to the comments to build a reputation as an expert and well informed commenter.  This also leads to more expert credibility and ultimately more resources.

Establish Your Identity

When authors tie their content to their Google+ profile, they also protect themselves against plagiarism, which is a major concern for anyone worrying about SEO in Los Angeles. Google’s bots automatically associate the author’s content with their profile and penalize any similar content in Google’s search rankings. This ensures that genuine content is always prioritized over content that has been gathered from a different source and reposted with someone else’s name.

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