What is SEO? Los Angeles Area Pro’s Answer

What is SEO? Our team of Los Angeles’ experts answer.

Lots of business owners in the Los Angeles area are asking this question, and the answers that they will receive undoubtedly vary quite a bit.

The easiest definition for SEO (search engine optimization) is that it is the digital marketing for a web focused era. The goal, simply stated of SEO, is to promote one website or more websites up search rankings (provided by search engines like Google and Bing) in order to generate more traffic to that website.

But the easiest definition doesn’t necessarily tell you why you should have it. We all have heard the term ‘looky-loos’ or ‘browsers’ or ‘casual shoppers’. They don’t usually equal results or revenue for businesses. In the same way, achieving number one ranking isn’t actually always a guarantee of success for businesses. Which is why it is important to hire an SEO company that understands that traffic isn’t actually the end goal. If I generate thousands of page views to your site, it might seem like a great thing. But if those people coming to your site don’t actually want your service or are unlikely to buy from you, then there isn’t a point in them at all.

A good SEO company spends quite a bit of time looking to understand your business specifics. If you’re a Santa Monica law firm looking for a new website and want it to rank well for your keywords, you might not want to rank well for DUI attorney or divorce attorney, or contract law attorney. Perhaps your law firm’s focus is on employment law. A lot of SEO companies don’t pay attention to the specifics of your business and instead focus traffic on broad keywords that generate eyeballs on page, but not actual conversions. A good SEO would have asked about most successful, profitable, and key products or services. They would have looked at traffic statistics based on those keywords and combinations of search terms to come up with a recommendation based on that analysis.

Most SEO companies these days just simply promise ranking. They’ll target a bunch of keywords and get you a bunch of links, (which isn’t always bad), but they’re not going to be your best investment or your most promising outcome. We look to deliver clients and revenue to your website’s doorstep. If that means we build the site and then market it, or if that means we come on board after the site is live, our job is not to get you traffic. Its to get you viable traffic.

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