What to do for SEO?

Coalition spends a lot of time advising its clients on what they need to do to help improve their ranking for their sites and how they can be more proactive as they seek to generate revenue for their businesses. We do quite a bit on our own end, but there is still a valuable area where we’ll never be able to match up to our clients’ contributions.

What’s that?

What you can do for your own SEO- a list
Lots of suggestions for you there


Content is the one thing that is greatly benefited by experience. And since you, as a business owner, and industry specialist, know more about your business then we could ever hope to learn, content writing and creation is key.

We have professional content writing services that target SEO keywords on hand, but the overall volume of content needed to make a site viable these days is enormous. Simply doing one post a week is not enough. Google wants to see dynamic, constantly updated sites.

Get out there and write some content. Focus on specific products, keywords, and other terms that are important to your business. We’ll help get people there you just want to make sure its worth their while once they do.

If you have any specific questions on how to write SEO content give us a call. Or if you’d like a PR campaign, reputation management, or use of our SEO services do the same.

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