Zin Home

Client: Zin Home

URL: www.zinhome.com

Website Focus: Ecommerce

Website Platform: BigCommerce

Services Provided: Web Design, Web Development

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Furniture, Shopping

Case Summary: This New Jersey furniture store wanted to make the jump into online retailing. They approached us to help them with a BigCommerce website that included a responsive design and multiple points of contact. Take a look at what we created for them and how their revenue increased by 25% after only 5 weeks.

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Zinhome.com had migrated to BigCommerce prior to our starting work with them. They’d previously worked with a sub-standard template developer who did not pay attention to SEO or CRO type factors. The outcome of that project was a loss in revenue, marketing outcomes, and a pretty frustrated client. After trying to recuperate for around year, they came to us looking to get a competitive website redesign done on BigCommerce’s newer framework.

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We scoped out a Standard build – a custom theme on BigCommerce with most customizations focusing on the home, category, and product pages – and added in a few additional custom templates to help round out the look and feel. Some of these custom features included filtered search, room and collection page layouts, and Paypal Credit. We launched a gorgeous website for them in mid-September 2017.

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After only 5 weeks since launch day, our work has nearly (if not already) paid for itself. Without any new marketing initiatives, we’ve seen some great outcomes: 25% growth in revenue to $175,000 a month (+$35,100 since prior period), a 13% growth in orders, a 22% growth in conversion rate, and an 11% growth in average order value.

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