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A Progressive Web Application (PWA) Design & Development Company

A Progressive Web Application (PWA) is the most versatile type of app you can offer your customer base, available to the greatest number of people on the greatest number of devices. These intuitive apps are delivered via the web and accessible on both mobile and desktop devices. Think of it like responsive design for the app world. You are provided with an application that is affordable, scalable, and available to all users regardless of operating system.
Coalition Technologies is a leading mobile app development company, and we can work with you to design Progressive Web Applications that exceed your expectations while meeting the needs of your user base.

PWAs vs Traditional Mobile and Web Apps

Traditional Mobile Apps Traditional Web Apps Progressive Web Apps
cross-iconRequire a unique build for every mobile operating system cross-iconNot mobile-friendly by default tick-iconOptimized for both desktop and mobile use
cross-iconSubject to stringent app store restrictions cross-iconSubject to limited usability tick-iconDesigned according to your specifications for fluid, cross-platform use
cross-iconNot search-engine friendly cross-iconSearch-engine ready for desktop users tick-iconEasily search-engine optimized for the benefit of desktop and mobile users
cross-iconCostly to scale due to multiple builds cross-iconOften subject to slower speeds and reduced scalability tick-iconFast, responsive, and infinitely scalable

Advanced PWA Benefits

Due to its responsive nature, PWA development offers a stable, UX-focused experience and allows for a variety of advanced features that benefit businesses and their customers on a deeper level. These features include:

  • Enhanced security
  • Cross-platform access
  • Standardized geolocation
  • Rapid scalability
  • Reduced maintenance and costs
  • Faster deployment of updates and bug fixes
  • Significant cost savings
  • Instant App access from the device homescreen
  • Offline content delivery capabilities
  • Native-like Push Notifications

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Progressive Web Applications Are the Future

Major brands like Facebook, Twitter, and Starbucks already use PWAs for their user platforms, and companies like Google and Apple are actively providing support for these leading-edge technologies. Much as responsive design has become the new normal in web design, Progressive Web Applications are quickly overtaking traditional web-based and mobile apps. You have the opportunity to get ahead of the curve and build an application that’s affordable, flexible, and sustainable for years to come.



Why Coalition Technologies?

Coalition Technologies is a full-service, industry-leading Progressive Web Application design and development company. We employ an international team of proven development experts who specialize in advanced Math and Computer Science-based models. These professionals work in tandem to design and develop user-focused applications according to your needs, goals, and specifications.

We work in close partnership with our clients to fine-tune every facet of the apps we create. We exhaustively research, plan, design, and test your application to ensure that it not only functions as intended but also exceeds your expectations. If you’re not happy with the initial result, we continue to make adjustments until the software is to your satisfaction.

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Are you looking for an expert app creator for your Progressive Web Application? Look no further than Coalition Technologies. We are a Google Certified Partner and an industry-leading mobile app development company. Contact us today for your free consultation, and discover what Coalition can do for you.

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