Advanced Metafields App
Easy. Versatile. Seamless.

Expand your BigCommerce store’s data and content management with our Advanced Metafields app.


You love your BigCommerce site, but your metafields data isn’t visible to your customers. Advanced Metafields gives you total control. Create a customized frontend and manage your store’s data without needing an external headless CMS. Our app makes it easy to add code to your theme files, manage visibility for your form fields, and create an intuitive user interface—no developer experience needed. We provide free onboarding and a demo session so you can master the app in minutes.


Metafields extension: create different field types and add validation

Powerful content management

Intuitive front-end editing

Free onboarding and technical support from a certified BigCommerce partner

Use Case

BigCommerce custom product fields are limited. You’re only allowed 255 characters, and it’s difficult to make bulk changes to large segments of your inventory. Advanced Metafields lets developers and merchants augment their store’s metafield capabilities for greater customization, easier updates, and bulk data management.

  • Add videos and additional images to product pages
  • Headless capabilities without an external CMS
  • Add support emails and phone numbers for each product
  • Easily update fields with a WYSIWYG editor
  • Make bulk edits to catalog lists
  • Copy and paste custom code snippets into theme files
  • Create a backend user interface for easy client management
  • Hide frontend visibility for administrative data fields



If you can’t find an answer here, let us know! Coalition provides free onboarding and a demo session when you download the app, and we respond to support requests within 24 hours.

  • Where is my data stored?

    All of your data is stored in BigCommerce, not the app.

  • Will I lose my metafield data if I uninstall the app?

    No! Since your metafields are stored in BigCommerce, they will still exist and function normally if you uninstall the app. You will only lose the capability of easily managing the metafields and customizing your frontend store experience.

  • Can I import metafields?

    Yes, you can import metafields from a CSV file. You can also export your metafields to a CSV file.

  • What resources have metafield capability?

    Currently, Bigcommerce has metafields available for Products, Product Variants, Brands, Categories, Orders, and Channels.

  • Where can I use these metafields?

    The metafields can be used in all the places they are normally available: with GraphQL in the Storefront and the REST API for other cases. This also depends on the visibility (permission_set) that is chosen for the metafield. You can choose some metafields to be private in the app, some to be available only to the REST API, and some to be available in the storefront.

  • Can I manage customers, blogs, and pages in the CMS?

    Currently, BigCommerce does not have metafields for these resources. If this changes in the future, we will add this capability to the Advanced Metafields app.

  • Which BigCommerce plans does this work with?

    Advanced Metafields works with all BigCommerce plans including Enterprise multi-storefront.

  • Is there a contract?

    No! You can cancel at any time. All of your data stays with you in BigCommerce, but you will lose the app’s functionality to customize your store.

  • Can you help me with set-up and configuration?

    Yes! Send us a message, and we’re happy to provide free onboarding and a thorough demonstration.