10 SEO Myths Debunked!

SEO is a concept that the average retailer or local business owner might not fully understand. Because of the “mystery” surrounding SEO optimization, a lot of things have been said about SEO that are simply not true.

Before you get swept up by the hype, here are 10 SEO myths uncovered. Enjoy!

Myth number 1: Simply using social media trumps using SEO.

Sure, utilizing social media to get your message out there and interact with potential or current customers is a great tool to have in your marketing tool belt. But, simply using social media and ignoring SEO isn’t the best move when you want to maintain a marketing mix.

It’s best to look at the big picture when thinking about focusing your digital efforts entirely on social media. Running a successful and engaging Facebook page is a good thing, but ask yourself: outside of social media activity, is my business maximizing on bringing traffic from other places in the digital sphere?

Myth number 2: I only need links and nothing else.

Don’t over-rely on using links. When it comes to SEO optimization, links need to be natural. And it’s definitely never a good idea to buy links. You don’t want to end up being hit with an unexpected penalty as a result of buying links or putting out bad links.

Myth number 3: Usability is separate from SEO.

Usability and SEO go hand-in-hand. Think about how the digital experience works these days. Web designers and digital marketers want nothing more than to make a user’s experience enjoyable on a website while marketing to the user through things like SEO. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Myth number 4: Having perfectly crafted content means not needing SEO.

Let’s be real here: are you the one who should be deciding whether or not your content is perfectly crafted and well-written? Probably not. Your writing style might not sit well with certain users, or maybe your grammar isn’t always perfect.

SEO can compliment good, solid content. It’s never a good idea to believe your content is perfect and doesn’t need anything to compliment it.

Myth number 5: SEO services are hard to find.

SEO services are available all over the place especially as generations go digital and the marketing world tries to keep up. Although there are a lot of choices out there for exploring SEO optimization, not all agencies or firms will have the experience and expertise that the top SEO heavyweights have.

Luckily, you’re reading the blog of one of LA’s top web design and SEO agencies, so you’re in good hands if you’d like to look into using SEO for your business.

Myth number 6: I can just buy digital ads instead of using SEO.

You can buy all the ad space you want and broadcast your message in the digital sphere until your heart sings, but, at the end of the day, you need organic and natural searches to occur that will link your content to what is being searched for.

Myth number 7: Videos are perfect for tapping into SEO.

Videos are great. These days it’s easy to produce high-quality video content at little cost to your marketing budget. Unfortunately, search engines aren’t people and they don’t click on your 5-minute embedded video, wait for it to buffer, and then take in what they see.

The trick here is to produce text transcripts of what’s being said in your video. That way, what you’re communicating in film can be picked up in text form for the search engines.

Myth number 8: Title tags are gospel.

Don’t get us wrong, title tags and meta descriptions are hugely important. However, you can have a perfect title for what you’re trying to optimize, but the accompanying content might not be effectively relatable to the title tag you spent so much time creating. Make sure your titles line up exactly with your link’s content.

Myth number 9: SEO means showing up first in searches.

Although SEO optimization truly is about being well-received with the search engines, it’s not about showing up in large text right when a search is performed that relates to your business or product.

Keep this in mind: Click-through rates are often higher on second-page results than top-of-first-page results.

Myth number 10: If I really focus on SEO, I’m set with my marketing efforts.

Plain and simple, SEO optimization is best when it compliments other marketing and advertising tactics. Explore and utilize SEO, but don’t forget about the other tools in your marketing tool belt. Keep running that solid Instagram account. Keep tracking the success of your digital ad campaign. And yes, throw SEO into the mix.

If these myths have you asking yourself questions about your business and how it’s received by search engines, contact us and together we’ll explore your options.

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