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For over ten years, Gonzalo Gil, founder of 3dcart, has led a team that has completely simplified creating and maintaining ecommerce sites. Large-scale companies like Blue Diamonds, Bubba Gump, and The New York Times have turned to 3dcart for an easier way to run their online businesses.

With 3dcart, people can build a custom website, market their efforts, and watch those efforts grow.

Many features are  self-explanatory for any user level and totally adaptable to the exact type of products you want to be marketing. For instance, there’s the Picnik Image Editor, which allows you to professionally edit any uploaded image. There’s also a social bookmarking tool, so you can easily direct any product or promotion to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Digg, etc.

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By purchasing a plan valued at more than $35, businesses can have free, customizable mCommerce layouts. According to webs.com, 49% of Smartphone owners have made at least one purchase via their phones within the last six months. This means that 3dcart has allowed businesses to access half of all Smartphone users with customized business apps.

3dcart monthly prices range from small to corporate level. 3DX allows you to completely customize any number of features and operational scenarios. So they’re allowing you to not only have your choice of features, but also price. Too good to be true for someone who’s never exactly run their own online business.

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We’re not crazy about templates, but we do enjoy developing completely custom designs for our clients, which 3dcart allows. Clients can start from a very basic template and insert HTML and CSS coding as desired.

3dcart offers literally hundreds of options in areas varying from promotion and marketing to hosting and security. There are over one hundred order and shipping processing features, and they make it easy to see how well a particular business is doing practically by being able to evaluate exactly how well each individual product is doing.

If clients are still not catching on to the easy-to-navigate 3dcart.com and step-by-step demo video, 3dcart also offers customer support via phone, web, training videos, tutorials, and forums 24/7.

At Coalition Technologies, we have the best ecommerce developers. They are always striving to maintain a broad range of knowledge in ecommerce platforms and their particular features. What is easiest for businesses that have more or less experience in using an ecommerce platform? Who is helping them to reach their full business potential with the least amount of maintenance from the online merchant? Which platform is going to allow us to produce the best web design for our clients, but still challenge our developers to be learning new techniques and possibilities?

There’s nothing more frustrating than a business owner putting a ton of time and energy into an ecommerce website that’s confusing and difficult to market. We believe that 3dcart, partnered with Coalition Technologies, has what it takes to help create and maintain an effective online presence at an affordable price.

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