5 reasons to use a website content management system or CMS.

5 Reasons to use a Content Management System

Easy Editing/Updating
An easy CMS will allow you to edit, delete and add information and content to a web site without learning HTML and complicated code. Most CMS includes a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor that works like most word processor software.

Saves Time
When using a CMS, sites can be easily updated from any computer; the administrator only needs to have the login page and a password. You no longer have to wait for a website designer to make your changes. You can do them on your own time and pace.

Cost Efficient
Eliminate the need to hire someone to make updates to the website. Once your CMS powered website is launched you can make changes and updates as much as you like. You don’t need to pay for every little content update.

Easily Scalable
Whether you want to add new pages or functionality, with just a few click of the buttons you are able to grow your website easily with a CMS. There is no reason to be stuck with a static website with a specific number of pages.

Keeps visitors up-to-date
The ease of use allows you to update the website on a consistent basis. Fresh content will increase your return rate for past visitors and allow for better SEO (search engine optimization)

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