5 Top ERPs for SaaS eCommerce

5 Top ERPs for SaaS eCommerce

Software as a Service (SaaS) eCommerce platforms are quickly becoming the quintessential software packages for businesses of all sizes. Because these platforms are basically centrally hosted cloud-based software packages, businesses don’t have to install and maintain complicated software suites on physical machines. SaaS providers, which include leading platforms BigCommerce and Shopify, run all of the software on their central servers. This means businesses can typically access these systems entirely through an Internet browser.

SaaS platforms often save businesses a lot of time and money. Even better, they can be integrated with your preferred Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. ERP is a solution for the challenges of maintaining accurate records across numerous business systems according to eCommerce Integration for Dummies, written by eBridge Connections. They have become an important step for retailers looking to grow and expand their businesses.

Here are some of the top 5 current and popular ERP systems for dynamic API-driven integration with SaaS eCommerce platforms.

  1. Microsoft Dynamics (GP, AX, or 365)

Microsoft Dynamics is known as a platform with a wealth of tools for managing your business. We’ve seen that the 365 version features a seamless cloud-based service that combines sales, customer service, field service, automation, operations, marketing, financials, and customer research into a single integrated whole. It is worth looking into the GP and AX versions as well, which have useful features of their own.

  1. Sage (100, 300, 500, or X3)

Sage’s solutions are described as well-regarded for their flexibility, customizability, and scalability. They’re also affordable and easy-to-use platforms accessible from any browser, whether they’re being used on a desktop or smartphone. We’ve noticed that Sage 100 is perfect for small and medium sized businesses, and companies that do light manufacturing, while Sage 300 is more suited for businesses that manage multiple locations, currencies, and languages. For the most comprehensive set of features, Sage 500 and X3 offer more robust packages that allow for management tools that include manufacturing, distribution, financial record keeping, and more.

  1. NetSuite

NetSuite is known as a popular and successful all-in-one ERP and eCommerce solution that is trusted by over 40,000 organizations and subsidiaries worldwide. NetSuite’s years of experience has made it a well-oiled system that many businesses trust to grow alongside them. One of the key features we’ve seen is that their ERP and eCommerce functionality are already integrated and work perfectly together.

  1. SAP Business One

SAP Business One is described as another powerful and scalable ERP solution that combines a comprehensive set of functions in one package. SAP says they can create a more efficient work environment for employees, claiming that their user interface is completely customizable. This allows end users to dictate the operational structure of the product. The features to take note of include CRM, financials, stock controls, sales and service management tools, and much more.

  1. Epicor

Epicor is regarded as a robust ERP platform that is trusted by prominent companies like Ace Hardware, Energizer, and Rexel Electrical Supplies. Epicor is cloud-ready, and they work to provide improved customer experience and to accelerate the digital transformation of your business. Collaboration within your company and throughout your supply chain with social and commerce solutions is just as important to them. They’ll continue to respond quickly to changing demands with configurable real-time mobile capabilities.

A Bonus 6th Choice

The 5 ERP systems we’ve listed are all fantastic choices for businesses of all sizes. As an additional suggestion, we’d like to include QuickBooks: an old favorite that has been trusted by millions of customers globally. Originally developed as accounting software, QuickBooks has expanded into a full-fledged ERP solution that is available in numerous tiers, so businesses of all sizes and types can find something useful in the platform.

All these ERP solutions are high-quality software packages that are accessible from anywhere you have Internet access. They work perfectly with SaaS eCommerce solutions, allowing businesses to have flexible, scalable, and low-cost systems available at their fingertips.

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