A Guide to the Most Essential On-Page SEO Elements

There are many on-page changes that a Los Angeles SEO company can make to a business’ website in order to make it more appealing to search engines and drive more business. These changes can be simple ones like changing a few words in coding, using Google Authorship or adjusting content; other changes may be more difficult projects like establishing a daily updated company blog. Below are 7 on-page changes that a site can use to help their business grow.

Create Blogs with Fresh Content

Blogs have a variety of SEO benefits. Google’s bots crawl a site more frequently and adjust the site’s rankings if there’s new content on the site every day. A Los Angeles SEO company can also use a company blog to target certain search keywords to drive more viewers to the site. Blogs make it easier to develop relationships with other companies as well because it gives them fresh and dependable content to link to and plug the business.

Company blogs over the last few years have become one of the foundational blocks of good SEO. Before they were considered second rate, but with Google moving more towards organic content and its algorithms becoming more sophisticated, blogs are much more important.

Use Appropriate Content

Another change that Google has made in its rankings is moving away from shorter, more generic content to long form content. Before, companies could get away with 400 word blog posts that didn’t address a specific topic, but now Google’s algorithm prefers longer articles, around 1000 words, that go in-depth on the subject matter. Google has also established an in-depth search category that has a minimum requirement of 1,500 words for more authoritative and in-depth content.

Consider Topical Targeting

The technology that Google uses to track search terms and compare it to content is also getting closer to natural language. This means that in addition to focusing on a few primary keywords, it’s good for a Los Angeles SEO company to include related secondary keywords in the content. The benefit to this is that it makes content more like natural writing and therefore more worthy of links.

Target Good Keywords

Keywords are better when they are long tailed keywords. These keywords have a crucial phrase that cannot be changed along with a tail that can go either before or after the phrase. For example, if the crucial keyword is SEO company, the tail can be Los Angeles, making either Los Angeles SEO company or SEO company in Los Angeles.

Content creators cannot over-stuff keywords either as Google’s algorithm penalizes people trying to game the system. It’s best to keep the keyword integration around 2% of the total word count of the piece.

Utilize Google Authorship

It’s a mystery whether Google current ranks people using Google Authorship, although many Los Angeles SEO companies think they either do or will eventually. One of the nice things about Google Authorship regardless is that it puts the author’s profile picture next to content they wrote in the listings. Studies have shown that this picture attracts the viewer’s eye regardless of where the listing is placed on the page.

Title, Heading and Alt Image Tags

Optimizing these elements is a good way for a Los Angeles SEO company to make minor adjustments to a page. Title tags are one of the first things in a Google listing that a person reads, and the tags should include text that appeals to the searcher’s wants and desires. Headings are also important for SEO but more because Google’s bots index headings. Placing keywords in headings is a good way to boost rankings for specific terms. Alt image tags display alternative text if the image doesn’t load. These tags need to be optimized for the blind, perhaps with a keyword, to explain the image.

URL Building

No more than three subdirectories should be used for any page that a business wants to have ranked high on Google. It’s also beneficial to rankings if a keyword is used in the URL and if the URL includes hyphens or dashes to separate words. Ecommerce businesses can also place product numbers and other variables into the URL to track what the searcher is looking for.

There are many other on-page changes companies can make to improve their SEO. Follow the Coalition Technologies blog for more information about the topic.


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