A Healthy BigCommerce Web Design Treat

Millie’s GelatoMillie's Screenshot
Millie’s Gelato, founded by Chef Susan Sbicca, was inspired by a healthy mixture of family sentiment (her mom was always making something sweet) and Susan’s recent, personal change to a raw, vegan diet. The gelato, which is gluten and lactose-free, is hand-made by Susan, an award-winning chef located in the San Diego area. With 33 years of professional chef experience under her belt, Susan’s intent for the delicious treat is to create something to be shared and enjoyed with friends and family. Millie’s Gelato is for everyone, regardless of dietary concerns. The website, which launched in December of 2011, was a collaborative project. We at Coalition Technologies partnered with BexBrands to fully develop a friendly, sun-shiny website for Millie’s. Basically, we did the complex coding and actual installation of the designed site onto the BigCommerce platform, while Bex provided the bright, approachable, visual inspiration. The site features a blog, Twitter Feed, and photographic slideshow, as well as photography produced by Jeremy Dahl. Millie’s has links to their personal accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, which Susan herself updates quite frequently. This allows for a very relatable sales approach with customers all over the country. One unique feature is the Shopping Cart/Checkout process. Although Millie’s Gelato is a world-class flavor, it is still growing and improving. So Susan is making her products to order, which means that it costs more to pack and ship one single pint of gelato than it would for, say four or five pints. At Coalition, we programmed a custom shopping cart for Millie’s that actually doesn’t allow the user to checkout until they’ve added at least four pints to their order. This makes more of a profit for Susan, and provides much more decadent flavor to buyers.

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