Alarmology Partners with Coalition Technologies

Alarmology is an up-and-coming e-commerce company that specializes in DIY home security systems. In other words, you choose the features you want based on your budget, lifestyle and personal needs. Alarmology is quickly becoming a leader in the home security industry, and Coalition Technologies is proud to name Alarmology among its newest partners.

Alarmology’s impressive list of cutting-edge security technologies includes smartphone access, two-way voice response, 24-hour monitoring, motion detection, touch-screen sensors and other devices that you thought only existed in spy movies. You can even find wireless carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors, so your security system can protect you not only from outside intruders, but also from fire and chemical threats inside your home.

When we first began working with man who developed the concept for Alarmology, we helped him to come up with a custom solution that incorporates all of his different, high-tech accessories in a way that appeals to consumers. Since Alarmology is an e-commerce company, we recommended the BigCommerce platform for managing his orders.

The client was a pleasure to work with, very easygoing and tech savvy, and made the whole process smooth and enjoyable. We helped him to set up a BigCommerce shopping cart for his site, and we also helped him to build several custom product pages. The Alarmology site is now fully up and running, and able to accommodate of its customers’ home security needs.

If you would like to check out Alarmology for yourself, visit

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