Amazon Webstore Design Agency – Choosing the Right Partner

Here’s a question for you: How can you truly build a thriving business out of an Amazon Webstore? If you already have a Webstore up and running, you have probably asked yourself this very question a time or two. Well, we have the answer. If you want your Webstore to truly soar, you need to treat your store less like a social media profile, and more like a business! What do we mean? As an Amazon Webstore Design Agency, we see far too many businesses giving “the Facebook treatment” to their Webstores. In other words, they sign up, follow the on-screen prompts, and choose their options and configurations based solely upon what’s presented to them. They choose a layout, a few fonts, and a set of preferences, and then call it a day.

That might be great for a social media profile, but it’s no way to build a business.


How to Get the Most from your Amazon Webstore

Whether you’re selling books, vinyl records or lawnmowers, you have competition. A lot of it. And your competition is working tirelessly to establish itself as the industry leader. That means paying attention even to the seemingly minor details, like slogans, ease-of-use, and even designs. That’s right. The Amazon eCommerce program provides some excellent opportunities to build an eCommerce store, but if you’re relying on pre-designed templates without an ounce of customization, your site will inevitably appear bland and generic, and that will hurt your business. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but human nature dictates otherwise. If you want to establish an airtight brand and build customer appeal and loyalty, your Amazon Webstore must not only function well, but look fantastic. This is where a qualified Amazon Webstore design agency can become an invaluable asset.


Choosing the Right Amazon Webstore Design Agency

Amazon allows a great deal of customization freedom, which is great for businesses looking to set themselves apart from the pack. In order to take advantage of this freedom, though, you’re going to need a few key ingredients. First off, design is only half of the puzzle. You can have the best designer in the world, but if he or she doesn’t know how to implement those designs within the framework of an Amazon Webstore, you’re just going to have a lot of pretty pictures taking up space on your hard drive. So what you really need is a firm that provides expert designers and developers who work hand in hand with one another.

Additionally, you need to hire an expert or firm that has experience working with Amazon Webstores. Amazon uses traditional CSS and JavaScript files, but the company organizes them within its own individual, often convoluted system. So it’s not enough to simply understand design and development. Your partner needs to understand how to navigate the Amazon CMS with ease.

Finally, review the portfolios of any potential designers, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. At Coalition Technologies, we always make our portfolio available because we believe that our work speaks for itself, and we pride ourselves on having worked with some of the nation’s leading businesses. We also have extensive experience working with Amazon Webstores, so you won’t have to worry about any unpleasant surprises.


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