BeautyHAK Brings Light to Coalition

BeautyHAK Brings Light to Coalition

If you’ve ever wondered how to put more light in that hotel bathroom so you can do your makeup, Coalition’s newest client has you in mind. BeautyHAK is the brainchild of a product designer and beauty expert, dedicated to bringing modern innovation to the beauty sector in ways that make your routine easier and more fun.

About the Brand

BeautyHAK set its sights on innovation that can make beauty regimens simpler and easier to maintain. Their first offering is two sets of portable, modular lights that turn any mounted mirror into a mobile makeup studio. The two LEDs attach via suction to any surface, perfect for contouring, touch ups…even taking selfies! The kit also comes with an attachable 3x magnification mirror for those tiny details, as well as a carrying case.

It’s “beauty hacks” like these that have inspired the company name, and the folks behind BeautyHAK are excited to bring many more useful, stylish new designs to you.

Work With Coalition

If you’d like to learn more about Coalition, please reach out to us at (310) 827-3890 or email us at [email protected]. If you’re a new business with a great idea like BeautyHAK, or even a veteran of your industry seeking new ways to connect with your audience, Coalition is here to help. We offer free first-time consultation to all potential clients and take on new clients year round, meaning it’s never a bad time to get in touch. Experience the Coalition difference today!

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