Best Ecommerce Email Marketing Platforms and Best Practices

Best Ecommerce Email Marketing Platforms and Best Practices

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Email marketing for your business has the power to bring in business-changing revenue. A recent study found that for every dollar companies invest in email marketing, they make back up to $42. Knowing which ecommerce email marketing platform will suit your business and exactly which features will make a difference can make or break your campaign.

Learn about the best email marketing platforms and practices and which features to look out for to run your campaigns successfully. 

What Are the Best Email Marketing Platforms?

The best email marketing software can balance reasonable prices with an exceptional user experience and great functionality.

The platforms below each offer unique benefits for each type of business. Small businesses can benefit from the flexibility of different pricing plans and ease of use. Medium-sized businesses will appreciate the comprehensive features available to increase productivity. Large businesses have the most leverage when looking for the best marketing software. Their size and financial clout allow them to access more premium plans that offer a fuller range of features.

Here are the best ecommerce email marketing companies to choose from:

  • Klaviyo — You can enjoy a completely personalized email marketing experience using Klaviyo. Channels include SMS, in-app notifications, web, and email. Klaviyo offers both robust reporting and segmentation functionalities.
  • Omnisend — Omnisend is an omnichannel ecommerce email marketing platform that also offers both SMS and push notifications. This platform allows you to personalize messages with customer data, shopping behavior, and campaign engagement.
  • Mailchimp — You’ve probably already heard of them, because, with a 60% share of the email industry, Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing providers in the market. Their easy-to-use interface and high levels of customization make it easy to see why.
  • Drip — The Drip email marketing platform is about more than just email marketing. Its tools help with automation, sales funnels, and personalization.
  • Convertkit — Even business owners without experience will appreciate using Convertkit. Their range of email marketing tools specializes in providing your audience incentives through email signup forms.
  • Aweber — Look no further for an email marketing service you can trust. Aweber is one of the oldest services around and focuses primarily on small- to medium-sized businesses. 

Email Marketing Features

While you’ll find most of the platforms offer similar services, there are still defining features that make each worth investing in. 

  • SMS and Push Notifications — Klaviyo and Omnisend in particular offer SMS and push notifications, which boost open rates. Including both in your marketing campaign can enhance results and lead to greater success.
  • Personalization — Personalization is becoming a highly valuable trend in email marketing. As competition in the online market has increased, this feature has become even more essential. Your emails need to be able to use existing information from your audience to personalize each email to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat customers. 
  • Mobile Friendliness — Finding a platform that offers mobile-first design has become a necessity when reaching out to your subscribers. Mobile devices account for 62% of all email opens. When your email isn’t fully optimized to fit mobile screens, you could be losing out on potential customers—and revenue. 
  • Seamless Integration — Make sure that your email marketing platform integrates seamlessly with your website and other online assets. You need to be able to create online forms where your audience can sign up to receive your marketing emails. Without a platform that integrates with your website, you won’t have the ability to scale your marketing efforts to make the most of the campaign. 

Email Marketing Best Practices

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Not every business owner has the time to become an ecommerce email marketing master. It is entirely possible, however, to implement a few email marketing best practices to give your campaign a leg up. Here are some of our top recommendations:

  • Send Welcome Emails — Always greet your audience online just as you would in person. An engaging introduction email to make your audience feel welcome and seen can help start off your campaign on the right foot. 
  • Personalize Your Emails — Customizing emails to add a personal touch can go a long way toward improving user experience. Personalization like including the recipient’s name in your email helps customers feel recognized as individuals, not just as business opportunities.
  • Test Each Aspect of Your Emails — To deliver exceptional emails, you need to test every aspect of your campaign. From the subject line, to send times, content, layouts, and images, make sure you’re testing each with A/B testing to get better results. 
  • Test Your Emails Before Sending — Another email marketing best practice is never to send an email to your entire audience without sending one to your own inbox first. You want to be able to catch any errors or mistakes before it reaches your customers, or they could ruin valuable opportunities. 
  • Make Your Emails Skimmable — Not everyone is going to read every word of your email. You have to make sure your headlines are the primary attention grabbers and will make the person want to read more. 

The more you can mix your email marketing with other online channels, like paid ads, the more successful your campaigns can be. 

Make Your Email Marketing Easy

With the right email marketing platform, your campaigns can be easy to send and manage. Determine what features are crucial to your business, then identify the platform that works best for your business. Follow the Coalition blog for more helpful information on email marketing and other digital marketing best practices.

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