Best eCommerce Software for Successful Amazon Merchants

Best eCommerce Software for Successful Amazon Merchants


Across the globe, $88,000 is spent on Amazon every minute. Amazon also accounts for 80% of the growth eCommerce has seen over the past year, and is the number one Internet Retailer for 2016. And while that makes Amazon a great place to sell from, that also makes it a very crowded market.

Amazon claimed over 2 million merchants sold through Amazon in 2013. Even if you’re one of the more successful merchants, you’re still competing with hundreds, if not thousands, of competitors who carry very similar products to your own.

If you’re already successful on Amazon, focusing on your own eCommerce site can only increase your revenue, as 55% of customers shop only on branded stores’ sites. That’s a huge number to miss out on by only selling on Amazon. It’s hard to build brand awareness and customer loyalty, two things that drive revenue and return customers, without a meaningful eCommerce presence.

In order to increase sales on your own eCommerce platform and continue your successful Amazon sales, integration is key. Magento CE and EE, Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise all work well with your existing Amazon products and have different aspects that make each profitable and manageable for every merchant.

BigCommerce Enterprise


BigCommerce has world-class integration with Amazon, allowing you to list your products on Amazon directly from their control panel. This gives you access to a centralized space for inventory and order processing and fulfilment. Everything updates automatically when you make a sale, whether it’s on Amazon or your BigCommerce site, ensuring you never oversell. In addition to built-in selling on Amazon, BigCommerce makes it easy to offer Amazon Pay on your site, simplifying checkout for hundreds of millions of Amazon customers.

If that’s not enough to convince you of how great BigCommerce’s integration with Amazon is, our Director of Digital Strategy Jordan Brannon is here to convince you.

“Our BigCommerce merchants enjoy the enhanced category integrations with Amazon that their platform provides,” Brannon said. “BigCommerce also allows them to bypass expensive order management solutions and additional multi-channel software.”

BigCommerce allows you to increase your revenue by integrating with Amazon, and doesn’t complicate any processes—in fact, they streamline them.

Shopify Plus


When Amazon shut down their Amazon Webstore platform in 2015, they referred merchants to Shopify as their “preferred migration provider” to ease their transition. Through Shopify, you can easily sync your products to Amazon listings in minutes, and manage all your inventory and orders in one place. Shopify allows you to reserve stock specifically for Amazon, ensuring you don’t sell product you don’t have. You can also fulfill orders on Amazon directly from Shopify, streamlining your process.

Whether you’re a brand new business or you’re trying to expand, Shopify’s Amazon integration is a great way to promote your products, track orders, and provide a secure checkout. Like BigCommerce Enterprise, Shopify Plus also supports Amazon Pay, which has helped drive improved conversion rates for many of our clients.

Magento CE/EE

Magento has an extension that synchronizes its platform with Amazon, allowing you to sell your entire catalog on Amazon. With this BoostMyShop extension, you can manage multiple seller accounts, Amazon marketplaces for both the US and UK, and eCommerce with several countries: France, Spain, Italy, UK, Germany, United States, and Canada. Price and stock levels are automatically updated every 20 minutes with this extension, allowing you to easily manage your products.

One advantage of Magento’s integration with Amazon through this extension is the option to activate certain automatic tasks: product creation on Amazon, offer updates on Amazon, order importation into Magento, and tracking information updates by country on Amazon. This extension is also compatible with their Smart Price tool, which provides a price adjustment service that matches your objectives and sales strategy. They also feature embedded ERP to easily manage stock, purchases and orders.

Success With Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies has had tremendous success helping Amazon-only merchants make the shift to eCommerce platforms. Two great examples are our work with Urban Armor Gear and Tech Armor.

Urban Armor Gear

Already successful on Amazon, UAG came to us to build out their eCommerce presence so they could take on the crowded Apple accessory market. We planned, designed, and developed a Shopify store around key marketing opportunities, and saw a huge return. With our help, their site conversion rate has tripled and there’s been a huge increase in organic search result traffic. Within six months of their new site launch, UAG saw an 868% return on their investment.

Tech Armor

Most of Tech Armor’s sales were generated on Amazon, and their own website was rarely a point of contact for their customers. To change that, we planned out site improvements to create better brand awareness, an increased position in search engines, and better revenue numbers from organic search results. In less than five months, organic revenue had grown by 507%. Our efforts were completely self funded in three months, and profitable in six.

With returns like that, there’s no reason for a merchant on Amazon  to not increase their eCommerce presence. Coalition Technologies has the expertise to take your Amazon marketplace to the next level with an eCommerce platform. Contact us today for more information.

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