Best Introductory Ecommerce Software for 2015

The New Year is fast approaching, and businesses all over the globe are preparing for another year of selling online.

Within this preparation, e-commerce is becoming an increasingly popular topic among the large group of smaller-sized businesses out there. This focus on selling online comes in part by the domination of mobile purchasing in 2014 as well as a number of other driving forces.

If you’re a small to mid-sized outlet looking to invest in and focus on e-commerce as a business solution, you’re probably in the market for e-commerce software for beginners. Below, we’ll shed some light on a couple of programs we recommend and explain what they can do for you.


If you’re looking for e-commerce software for beginners, a great option to explore first is Bigcommerce. They’re known for being a valuable and high-quality solution to businesses of all shapes and sizes, and one of their best features is the usability of their software program.

Bigcommerce’s program offers useful step-by-step instructions and tips for beginners, and these are available to any user at no increased cost. Video tutorials are another great offering from one of the top names in e-commerce, and Bigcommerce’s video help series is rated among the best in the industry. Even down to assistance with choosing a design for your online store, you’re provided with the tools and digital assistance to help you master e-commerce software in no time at all.

Outside of providing useful tools for new users of e-commerce software, Bigcommerce is also known for having an awesome customer service and support team, available to assist you when a video tutorial or set of instructions just isn’t what you need to get where you need to be. Bigcommerce has built a reputation on being a service-oriented e-commerce solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Shopify is another great option within the group of e-commerce software for beginners.

Similar to Bigcommerce, they provide software users with an extensive supply of online assistance resources and tools for users of all expertise levels. Especially with users of little to no experience with e-commerce software for beginners, Shopify’s assistance resources include the tools you’ll need to be up and running with little hassle along the way.

For e-commerce beginners, Shopify also awesomely offers their E-Commerce University program, which offers tools, tips and resources for all levels of e-commerce expertise. Check it out.

Our expert advice

If you’re a literal essence-of-the-word beginner when it comes to e-commerce programs and are looking to gain more knowledge or seek assistance, we can certainly help.

We’re experts in e-commerce and partner with the folks at Bigcommerce and Shopify, so we can certainly make sure your business develops an e-commerce site that meets your standards. Contact us here for a free consultation.

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