Coalition Technologies Locks in a Partnership with Maxwell Locke & Ritter

We recently started working with Maxwell Locke & Ritter, the largest locally owned and managed accounting firm in the greater Austin, Texas area. The firm got its start in 1991 when three men got together at a restaurant and wrote their business plan on a napkin. Since then, the firm has continued to grow, serving many clients from a diverse range of industries.

Accounting Experts

Maxwell Locke & Ritter offers a variety of expert services, including tax preparation, audits, wealth management, and quality earnings reviews, as well as consultation for businesses. One of the firm’s strongest standout characteristics is its ability to handle so many different industries successfully.

From entertainment to technology to government to nonprofits, Maxwell Locke & Ritter has the firsthand experience to deliver a catered, nuanced approach to companies in specific niche fields.

Our Work with the Firm

We needed to make sure that the firm’s unique voice was heard. “Keep Austin Weird” is the city’s unofficial motto, after all. At the same time, professionalism in this industry is paramount. We also needed to make it clear that the firm goes far beyond basic accounting services, as they only hire people with substantial experience.

That approach has given Maxwell Locke & Ritter a competitive edge, and we wanted to amplify that commitment to servicing clients in a way that other accounting firms can’t. While the firm does cast a wide net, they’re able to provide genuine expertise in those fields. That’s what makes Maxwell Locke & Ritter such a versatile powerhouse in the accounting world.

Join the Coalition Technologies Family

As a company that also services many different industries, we were able to bring that experience with us as we worked with the firm. We’re immensely proud of the work we’ve accomplished with Maxwell Locke & Ritter so far, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds.

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