Coalition Technologies Partners with Hatched Boutique

Coalition Technologies is delighted to announce that we recently started work for Hatched Boutique. The company sells a hand-curated array of baby clothing and accessories, as well as some fun gifts for mothers too. Hatched boutique specializes organic, non-toxic, and high-quality items, giving mothers a place to feel good about shopping for their babies (and for themselves).

About the Brand

Hatched Boutique was started by a mother with a passion for using natural, organic, safe, and sustainable baby products. Her goal was to share her favorite items with other mothers all over the world. In addition to products such as blankets, clothes, toys, swaddles, and other essentials, Hatched Boutique also sells cosmetics and self-care products for mothers who want to treat themselves too.

Our Work with Hatched Boutique

Hatched Boutique is a relatively new brand, having been around for just a year. Their goal was, to put it simply, to grow. With that in mind, we knew we had to work on brand recognition and domain authority, as well as SEO and conversions. By establishing the brand as an authority in its niche and optimizing the site, we expect to see significant growth in the future.

Challenges We Faced

As a younger company, Hatched Boutique has tremendous potential to stand out from the competition, as their approach is what many mothers have been waiting for. We’re confident that once Hatched Boutique becomes more established and known, mothers with a similar mindset as the company’s owner are going to be thrilled to find such a wonderful hand-picked selection.

Partner with an Expert Team

Coalition Technologies consistently delivers tangible results that help businesses expand. Whether you’re just starting up or are already well-established, we’re here to help when your company is ready to increase visibility and boost its bottom line. The first step is to simply get in touch so we can provide a free quote and consultation. Call us at 310-928-6472 or send us a message now to get started.

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