Best Web Design Company- Los Angeles & Seattle

We’re happy to be one of the best web design companies on the West Coast. From LA to Seattle, we can make that claim with confidence and affirmations from our clients.

Map of the West Coast from Washington to California
One of the best options for web design and web development!

Our team of web designers and web developers are headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Headed up by Joel, our company founder, they comprise one of the most talented and skilled group of web design experts available. Rather then simply being a web design agency that is good at one thing and so-so, we’ve assembled individuals who are exceptional at their specific skillset and are learning about how to better integrate with others. When we tell a client that we can work with HTML/ CSS/ PHP/ Java/ ASP.NET/ Flash/ etc, we mean that we have a high level of ability to complete work in each of those areas. It does not mean that we can kind of work or will learn as we go.

Coalition is very focused on being an exceptional service provider to people seeking a web design agency that is fast, affordable, and forward thinking. We understand our marketplace, understand how search is changing, understand how user expectations are changing, and understand how a website must be able to adapt to the differences in behavior, devices, and access points.

Our blog, here, is filled with useful tidbits, insights and guidance into website design and search marketing, and should help to cement your understanding of our field, and why having a custom web development firm is so important.

I know from personal experience that few people work as many hours, and as hard, as we do. Work days often start at just before 7 o’clock AM PST and end sometime after 8 or 9 o’clock PM PST. When you have that type of dedication, it really is hard for other companies to be able to produce the same kind of results.

We see better rankings for our client’s websites because of our SEO efforts, we see better technical functionality because of our wonderful coding, and we see better adaptation by end users and consumers because of the impressive feature sets that we build in. And because we are a comprehensive source for all of these needs, the campaigns and strategies are more innovative, and more impacting then if the efforts had been divided up between several companies.

Our team is working on some very exciting projects. We’re in process developing a new, powerful social network concept, a specific social network website that helps encourage us to be better citizens of our world, and some fairly impressive e-commerce sites that promise to change the way that we do business online.

Keep an eye peeled on our blog, and catch a glimpse of where the web is headed, or wait for some big updates to our success stories pages and our portfolio pages for new website or application creations.

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