BigCommerce Certified Designers

BigCommerce Certified Designers

Coalition Technologies featured on the BigCommerce Partner page

Coalition Technologies is proud to be one of the select BigCommerce design and development partners. Its a great fit for both companies and we love working with the powerful BigCommerce shopping cart.

Why is it that BigCommerce and Coalition make for such a great partnership?

First and foremost is our emphasis on powerful marketing strategies. BigCommerce has continuously invested in its shopping cart’s ability to reach customers and consumers through SEO, PPC, email marketing and other web strategies that provide valuable revenue to you. Both of our companies understand that a pretty website only goes so far. If that website isn’t able to reach new customers and convince them that your service or product is right for them, then its really not doing what it should be. Coalition supplements the BigCommerce suite of SEO tools by providing advanced consulting, marketing, and development techniques that push you to the top of your industry.

Secondly, both of our companies understand that great web design isn’t just about the looks of the site. Steve Jobs said, “Design isn’t how it looks. Its how it works.” Your ecommerce site should be easy for you to manage, easy for your clients to navigate, and should intuitively drive the sales and buying processes along. After significant comparison testing, Coalition can attest to the ease of use of the BigCommerce admin area. Hands down, its an easier interface for anyone to navigate and learn. We would know- we’re experienced developers on over a dozen different ecommerce shopping carts, including Shopify, Volusion, and Magento Go. But those three don’t measure up to the simple, natural process of running your BigCommerce store. And our developers are able to effectively support you by ensuring that your customers have the same ease of use on the front end of your store, with clear navigation processes, strong calls to action, and featured trust elements.

In the end, we’re confident that BigCommerce is a great platform for most businesses, startups, and individuals. And we look forward to the chance to help you realize your custom design, marketing objectives, and sales goals! Call us today, if you have more questions on BigCommerce, its features, and for more insight on our ecommerce development background.

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